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Top 10 Free YouTube Movie Downloader App


The top 10 free YouTube movie downloader app are the focus of this article. Some YouTube movies are available for free download.

With smartphones, you can now do more than just write and talk—you can also watch videos and listen to music, play games, and take pictures. You can download and stream online movies for Android, iPhone, and iPad users from the Google Play Store or Tool Store using a reputable YouTube movie downloader app. Therefore, if you browse the two stores looking for a YouTube downloader, you will find a variety of programs; however, it may be challenging for you to choose and determine which one is ideal. The best 10 free YouTube movie downloading apps are listed below.

Top 10 YouTube Movie Downloader App

Use iTube HD Video Downloader to convert and export YouTube videos to iMovie if you wish to edit YouTube videos there. This YouTube downloader and converter makes it simple to save YouTube videos in an iMovie-compatible format and import videos directly into the editing program. No additional equipment is needed. The YouTube video’s original quality will be preserved.

1. iTube HD Video Downloader

iTube HD Video Downloader is a simple-to-use YouTube movie downloader app that enables you to convert downloaded YouTube movies into a variety of video and audio formats, even for your specific device models. One-click transfer of the downloaded YouTube movie to your iPhone or Android phone is also made possible by the built-in transfer feature of the iTube HD Video Downloader. If you enjoy watching YouTube videos, you should definitely use this incredible YouTube video downloader.

Key Features of This YouTube Downloader App

  • From more than 10,000 websites, including YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Hulu, Netflix, etc., you can easily download or record videos.
  • Support for batch downloads in progress and tools like sleep mode to automate the management of your downloading operation.
  • Even mobile devices like iPhones and Android phones can download and convert between 150+ different video and audio formats.
  • A built-in video player allows you to watch and manage any videos you’ve downloaded from YouTube or your computer’s hard drive.

How to Download YouTube Movies by iTube HD Video Downloader
Method 1: Download YouTube Videos by Download Button

Once this YouTube downloader has been downloaded and installed, view a YouTube video in any browser, click the Download button next to the player window, and the download will begin immediately.

Method 2: Download YouTube Movies with URL

The “Paste URL” button can also be used to download YouTube movies. Simply copy the YouTube video’s URL and press the “Paste URL” button to begin downloading it.

Method 3: Record as You Watch the YouTube Movie

Open iTube HD Video Downloader, click the Record button, and set the record screen before starting the YouTube movie. When you feel like it, click Record to begin filming a YouTube video.

Another option is to directly record a YouTube video. A capture screen will appear after selecting the Record option on the left panel and clicking the Record button. When you have the screen ready, click the REC icon after adjusting the capture area by moving the frame.

Here you can quickly switch to YouTube Downloader Online, etc. for more helpful information about downloading YouTube movies.

2. Multi Clip Android

You may download movies from YouTube and a huge variety of other websites using Multi Clip Android. You have the option to both download and stream your favourite movies using our totally free YouTube downloader tool. The programme also gives you the ability to browse the web in addition to its fantastic downloading capability.

Pros: One-click downloading of videos from sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and VEVO, among others.
Download movies in bulk and manage them with a download scheduler.

Cons: Has a history of hanging.

3. Tube Video Downloader

One of the greatest Android YouTube Downloader apps for Android devices is this one for downloading movies. The programme enables you to easily download and play YouTube movies in a number of different formats, including MOV, FLV, MP3, WMV, and MKV. This programme won’t let you download movies from the YouTube server because of the T&Cs of YouTube. The programme recognises YouTube video links automatically, saving you from having to copy and paste links from many unexpected websites.

Pros: You’ll get access to your movie file on your device in a really short amount of time.
simple to use

Cons: Needs frequent updates, which some individuals may find annoying.

4. EasyTube

This no-cost YouTube Downloader for Android is fantastic. The only thing left to do is tap the movie file on YouTube and choose to accept download once it has been downloaded to your device. By default, EasyTube will display a few subcategories for YouTube movies, but you may also explore your own collection. When you’ve located what you were looking for, click the Download option on the app.

Pros: Quick and automatic movie download.
very easy to use

Cons: Occasionally has too many bugs.

5. TubeMate

You will notice a more refined interface that is extremely similar to the actual TubeMate app once you have installed the software and have launched it for the first time. From that point on, you can utilise it in essentially the same manner. The difference is that, once you’ve found the video you want to download, a green arrow will appear at the top of the app, to your right. You can download any movie versions that are offered just by holding onto it.

Pros: The programme also has a movie player and a download library.
really quick download.

Cons: Needs frequent updates.

6. iBolt Downloader

The iBolt Downloading app is one of the greatest free iPhone downloader apps available because to its amazing free alternatives. Additionally, the app links you to additional websites where you can download and stream the movies of your choice. It is a fantastic programme that guarantees you won’t be disappointed when using it.

Pros: really quick download.
user-friendly dashboard

Cons: has a lot of bugs.

7. Videoder

Despite lacking a built-in video player and the ability to extract audio from YouTube movies, Videoder always performs a fantastic job with its simple-to-use, extremely clean UI. The YouTube videos are downloaded using the Android device’s built-in video player. It will provide you rapid access to the movies you’ve already downloaded and let you choose from the several versions of the movies that are available for download, much like the other YouTube downloaders.

Pros: A clean UI.
really quick download.

Cons: Needs frequent updates.
contains bothersome bugs.

8. BaDoink Video Downloader

You can now instantly download any YouTube videos you want with the BaDoink Video Downloader app on your Android device. You can download a lot of movies at once with the app. The number of movies you can download via this app is therefore unrestricted. The app is inexpensive and saves you a tonne of time. You can then download as many of your favourite movies as you like for free, which is obviously quite significant. Additionally, this downloading tool has a fantastic password lock that you may use to stop your children from viewing objectionable YouTube videos and content.

Pros: Downloading movies is relatively quick.

Cons: In some nations, you might not be able to download the app.

9. MyVid Video Downloader

Users of iPad and iPhone can download YouTube movies whenever they want using the interesting features of the MyVid Video Downloader app. A few great password protection features and the possibility to socially share your favourite movies round out this highly desirable programme.

Pros: Password security function is a plus.

Cons: Needs frequent updates.

10. Titan Downloader

Another major player in the world of iPhone and iPad app enthusiasts, the programme is jam-packed with fantastic features that substantially assist simple YouTube movie download. Titan Downloader is one of the greatest apps available right now thanks to its ability to queue up several movies and extremely secure passcode access option.

Pros: The password security function is a plus.
incredibly quick movie download.
very easy to use

Cons: In some countries, the app might not be downloadable.

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