Tree Houses for Rent

Are you eager to leave the city? Prepared to withstand the weather while glamping? We’re kidding; the only elements here are heat and sun. Darling, darling, this is California. Why not book Instagram-worthy tree houses on Airbnb instead of a boring hotel with carpeted hallways? Perhaps we have a deep-seated desire to reconnect with nature on a level we rarely do these days. Or perhaps living in a treehouse is a childhood dream come true (some of these have slides and poles), or perhaps it’s simply because why the heck not embrace the fun and have a little novelty with your sweet and well-earned time off? In either case, we adore the concept of having our house hung in the air. breathing in the fresh air, smelling pleasant woodland odors, tapping on wood while walking, and not being absurdly far from Los Angeles.

Drive Timings From Los Angeles

Although the drive timings from Los Angeles are provided in this overview of the greatest treehouse rentals. We all know that the time of day may have a significant impact on traffic patterns. If it’s more convenient, some of them also happen to be close to Fremont and San Jose. Many enjoyable things to do there. But eventually, getting away from the concrete jungle and spending time in nature might help you feel happier and less stressed. So why mess it up? Just unwind xxxxx.

You won’t have to worry about annoying parents interrupting playtime to let you know dinner is ready, unlike your childhood treehouse. However, some of these treehouse rentals do have a full kitchen where you may cook your own meals or a continental breakfast served by the host. It’s important to bring some snacks and drinks with you to these treehouses because of their purposefully secluded positions. Although one is essentially on a hotel’s website, if you want the best of both worlds, you can.

7 Amazing Treehouse Rentals

1. Treehouse Adventure (Brea)

Considering how remote and otherworldly the treehouse will feel once you’re inside, Brea is a historic neighborhood only eleven miles from Disneyland, making it reasonably accessible to Los Angeles. The multi-level residence in the leaves has a rooftop patio hidden amid the branches, and inside it is made of velvety, gorgeous wood that, in our opinion, smells like living inside a box of pencil shavings. The spacious double bed and little (let’s say, cozy) kitchen inside will also be appreciated. There is a separate, private bathroom from the main house. Take the twisted yellow slide to quickly return to the ground. Excellent in a crisis and when you’re bored. Ideal. Even though we know you want to, don’t walk up it. Did we mention that Disneyland was nearby? Birch Street, which is also nearby and contains everything you’ll need, is only a five-minute walk away.

2. Redwood Treehouse Santa Cruz Mountains (Watsonville)

The primary redwood tree in this treehouse, which was constructed by a stained glass artist, grows directly through the living space (and another through the toilet!). Although it has little to do with stained glass, it is still really cool, don’t you think? In addition to a TV and DVD player, there is a comfortable high bed, a kitchen with a small stove and refrigerator, a full bathroom with a shower and toilet, and a gas stove for warmth.

On-site, a hot tub with a temperature of 103 degrees is available for late-night or early-morning soaks. Although you are five hours from Los Angeles, you are also only a short distance from the coastline, San Jose, and, consequently, Fremont and San Francisco.A world of choice on the West Coast. As of this writing, there are a few (but not many) open slots, so act quickly if this seems like your idea of absolute bliss! Additionally, the windows are quite lovely and really do add to the setting’s elegance and tranquility.

3. Peaceful Treehouse with Ocean View (Aptos)

A treehouse from the 1950s? We’re in love with you; you’re insane, outrageous, and totally perfect. You can’t help but be. However, there are still plenty of treehouse vibes (helped by the Japanese shutters) with two levels of walkways to reach the home and a hammock on the patio (you’re in L.A., you know the indoor-outdoor vibes are in full flow here). The open kitchen, sweeping views, and stylish furniture are far more dream Cali houses in the 1960s (but modernized) than a rustic cabin. It is without a doubt the most expensive option on our list, but the three bedrooms help offset the price a little bit, and the cushions are also really beautiful. You’ll be able to enjoy this guilt-free among the six of you. Because of the oxygen that trees produce, this area provides some of the most healing pure air you can find.

4. Treehouse (San Jose)

This 250-square-foot treehouse seems like the backyard clubhouse you always planned to build when you struck it rich and retired, complete with sweeping views of Silicon Valley and a couple of lofted beds. There are many windows, lots of natural light, a full bathroom, and a kitchenette. If you desire to remain in and unwind after climbing the spiral staircase. However, if you feel like going on a climb, Alum Rock and San Jose are visible in the distance. The patio is a great place to sit at sunset because the views are fantastic.

5. Romantic Treehouse in the Redwoods (Santa Cruz)

The “home” component of the treehouse is especially highlighted by this Santa Cruz property. You may easily mistake the two-room suite’s interior for a cozy farmhouse while enjoying the locally produced breakfasts provided by the B&B host. But from the outside, where it hangs 14 feet above the ground in a ring of stunning (and enormous) redwoods, it is completely distinct.

There are seats outside as well, so you may relax while observing what looks like a pine forest on your balcony since it actually is one! Think about living high up inside a tree while sitting on a portion of the tree and gazing at the other trees. Crazy. There are some pleasant creatures around, based on images, so there’s something to look forward to! The treehouse has a minifridge, fresh muffins, oats, coffee, and tea. You may easily travel by car to Davenport’s coastline from Bonny Doon because it isn’t that far away.

6. Danehill Hygge House (Nicasio)

This charming treehouse isn’t completely remote. But it is undoubtedly a sanctuary that will easily transport you away from everyday activity and noise. You’ll discover that the treehouse is actually a trademark suite inside the bigger Danehill Manor resort. So you can easily hide from visitors if you don’t want them. Your mid-tree residence has a queen bed and a private bathroom with a shower. While the remainder of the property’s reservoir-front facilities includes eating, horseback riding, dog training, massages, yoga, and meditation (all for an extra cost) Arguably. It’s the ideal fusion of a luxury treehouse, the outdoors, and the conveniences of a decent hotel. Although you are practically on the Nicasio Reservoir, you won’t need to leave the region. So you might as well go check it out. It’s not far to get to Marin and Point Reyes Station, which both have lots of delicious restaurants and bars.

7. Treehouse Guest House with Farm Stay (Fillmore)

This charming treehouse is located on a 10-acre family farm, so you can enjoy the idyllic experience of waking up to the crows and strolling through the orchard to gather fresh eggs (don’t worry, you won’t be cleaning the coup or anything like that; it’s a vacation). Does it get any more California dreamy than that? Even though the house isn’t actually a tree but rather hangs nine feet over the ground in a forest of orange and avocado trees? Smells, scents, smells! There are lots of opportunities to take in the sun on the patio, and hey. If an orange falls into your hands, they probably aren’t keeping track of the oranges.

There is a pole you can slide down (or dance on, lol) and a basket hoist you may use to hoist fruit and eggs up to your home, among other things, if you so choose. Ask about the on-call licensed massage therapist if you’re an adult who needs to unwind. Go on. Just fully indulge in your relaxation since you are currently residing in a treehouse. After playing around on the pole, you’ll definitely need it. Four cats are also present, which is good. You may also reach Old Town Filmore, which has a great name, in just five minutes. There is also a good deal to like doing there.

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