This Nostalgic Milkshake Spot is Transforming into a Moody Wine Bar

 Nostalgic Milkshake Spot

Nostalgic Milkshake Spot, Few restaurateurs can change direction as effortlessly as Matt Kuscher. The owner of Coconut Grove’s Vicky’s House Milkshake Bar & Beer Store will change its name to Victoria’s Vinos & Vermouth in December. This is the same man who gave us a Don-themed bar. A botanica speakeasy and a Jewish deli with a hidden Hialeah-inspired watering hole.

Nostalgic Milkshake Spot, Every few years, I prefer to rebrand my ideas to keep my creative juices going and infuse our staff and visitors with new vitality. Kuscher, who is enthusiastic about providing something new and exciting to the neighborhood where he got his start, says it’s heartbreaking to watch Vicky’s close.

When Vicky’s first debuted in 2017| Nostalgic Milkshake Spot

When Vicky’s first debuted in 2017, it was the first place of its kind. The 12-seat milkshake bar and tasting room featured extravagant milkshakes inspired by ’80s movies and sitcoms, like The Golden Girls. It was a virtually exact recreation of Kuscher’s childhood home, right down to the linoleum floor and scribbled notes taped to the fridge. Vicky Kuscher’s mother, whose interests would be represented in this new development, was also honored by the store. He continues, “My mother and I both have a penchant for Spanish ciders, vermouths, and natural wines.”

Victoria’s will be a relaxed homage to Spain’s wine culture, inspired by a recent family trip to Europe. The majority of the menu will consist of current natural wines (low intervention, free of sulfites and additives). which will also contain house-made vermouth named La Mila. To go along with all that alcohol, anticipate a variety of small meals and Spanish tapas. To ensure that the ciders have the ideal amount of fizz. Victoria’s will have a customized mechanical long-pour specialist brought from Spain because a Kush Hospitality Group production wouldn’t be complete without some kind of unique element.

At 3190 Commodore Plaza in Coconut Grove, Victoria’s Vinos & Vermouth will debut sometime in December.

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