The Best Vegan Restaurants in Los Angeles

 Vegan Restaurants

In Los Angeles, where the term “vegan” no longer raises eyebrows or prompts jokes about “nut loaf,” there is a wide range of vegetarian and best vegan restaurants serving vegetable-topped pizza, upscale Mexican cuisine, and even organized versions of the traditionally egg-based Italian classic carbonara. These are the top-tier dishes; all of them are vegan.

Best Vegan Restaurants in Los Angeles

1. Nic’s On Beverly

 Vegan Restaurants

Even as the most cheese-loving omnivores, we consider Nic’s on Beverly’s vegan pizza a little more often than we’d like to admit. The satisfyingly crisp edges of each slice and the puffy dough square pies’ continued use of cheese, despite its nut foundation, only serve to demonstrate how successfully Detroit-style pizza can be produced entirely vegan. Nic’s on Beverly, however, offers much more than just pizza: Along with house-cut fries, Southern-style fried oyster mushrooms with velvety potato purée and gravy, and piled-high burgers in both a meat-inspired and a truffled falafel form, the American restaurant from Nic Adler, Jason Eisner, and chef Steven Fretz is plant-based.

The rear patio feels like a secret garden when it’s open, making it the ideal spot for a glass or three of frosé. This restaurant has maintained its top spot ever since Chef Jared Simons, formerly of cult favorite Taco Vega, took over the kitchen.

2. Café Gratitude

 Vegan Restaurants

You’ll need to say something like, “I Am Thriving,” to order the soup of the day at any Café Gratitude location in Los Angeles because they all feature happy wait staff, diners with perfect posture and bright complexion, and dishes named for affirmations. It’s true that the waitress will probably inquire about your gratitude for the day while taking your order, but don’t let that deter you. Accept it because the colorful, artistically prepared meal will have you going back. Look for the wine, enhanced tonics, or sangrias if you’re feeling particularly out of it and need a drink.

This is an excellent happy hour option on weekdays from 4 to 6 pm thanks to a strong beverage menu that includes $8 wines by the glass and under $10 nibbles like warm almond burrata, loaded nacho fries, and Korean pulled mushroom slides. Additionally, omnivores should not be discouraged from eating a rich, indulgent dessert by the vegan menu: The tiramisu is some of the best in town, whether you’re in Larchmont. In the Arts District or Venice, there’s typically a 100% raw-food dessert choice on the menu.

3. Crossroads

 Vegan Restaurants

Simply defined, Crossroads is an upscale vegan eatery for meat eaters. Whether served in the restaurant’s quaint, white-tablecloth dining room on Melrose Avenue or its recently opened facility in Calabasas. Plant-based chef-to-the-stars Tal Ronnen is revolutionizing meatless dinners with delectable and innovative dishes. The food attracts famous people, the trendy, young Melrose set, as well as an unexpectedly older, suit-clad kind. The false fried artichoke oysters, spicy maple-glazed Brussels sprouts with shiitake bacon, and Rockefeller-style baked mushroom “scallops” are noteworthy dishes. Try the lasagna, which is piled with dairy-free cheese from Ronnen’s own retail enterprise, or the carbonara, which is topped with a tomato “egg yolk” that truly pops.

4. Margo’s

 Vegan Restaurants

Margo’s, one of the town’s most dependable and steady vegan eateries, is open every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It has developed into a comfortable neighborhood hangout where everyone feels like a regular, especially during happy hour from 3 to 6 pm. One of the city’s most underappreciated vegan chefs, Chef Blake Thorson, prepares brand-new dishes every week using the ripest. Freshest ingredients from the nearby Santa Monica Farmer’s Market in California. His cuisine is approachable, yet well-known dishes are presented in unique ways. Such as toast with jalapeno mashed peas in place of the usual avocado or honeynut squash coated in spicy Calabrian butter and fried pepita crumble. The house-made Sicilian-style dough on the pizzas is extremely delicious and gluten-free. The cheese on them is feather-light.

5. Berbere

 Vegan Restaurants

Chef Tezeta “Tete” Alemayehu, an Addis Ababa, Ethiopia native, and a Smorgasburg fan favorite, prepare vegan food with African influences at Berbere in Santa Monica. Ethiopia’s half of the population customarily fasts by avoiding all animal products for about 200 days out of the year. Although meat, dairy, and eggs are prohibited, colorful Ethiopian spices like berbere, korerima, and beso Bela are allowed. As a result, Alemayehu has the ideal ingredients on which to weave her culinary magic in meals like blueberry teff pancakes. And clay pot garbanzo stew with teff injera. Additionally, there is a full juice bar where you can buy locally bottled nutritious juices and smoothies. As well as specialty sauces like almond berbere spread.

6. Gracias Madre

It should be noted right away how stunning Gracias Madre is. The vegan Mexican restaurant is furnished with vibrant cushions and tiles and has a lovely garden, high ceilings inside, and a cozy bar. Its style is a blend between Palm Springs casual and Mexico City sophisticated. Order the guacamole wherever you decide to sit; it’s outstanding. Another popular appetizer to split is the queso fundido, which comes with warm house-made cashew cheese, jalapenos, tomatoes, pico de gallo, and chips. The flan might be a more conventional choice for dessert, but the churros are the best alternative. Always have them with a cup of rich horchata latte. Since margaritas are undoubtedly vegan, the bar also has a wide range of tequila.

7. Shojin

Yes, Shojin is eccentric: Handbags are to be deposited in a designated basket next to your table at this charming Japanese restaurant. Which has locations in Little Tokyo on the third floor of an indoor mall and on a lonely corner in Culver City. However, practically everything on the menu is great, and Shojin creates delicious and fully vegan tempura. And sushi uses tofu, tempeh, and a variety of vegetable and grain substitutes. For instance, the dynamite roll, which we can’t get enough of, receives an intriguing and wonderful topping made of quinoa, miso, and vegan mayo. While the mushroom tempura gets a clever sprinkle of truffle salt.

8. Burgerlords

Burgerlords prepares its vegetarian patties in-house, unlike other plant-based fast food outlets in the area. Thus the “beefy” patties at its Highland Park and Chinatown restaurants include barley and shiitake. And a few dozen other ingredients you can both recognize and pronounce. At our favorite vegan burger place in Los Angeles. The deliciously crunchy granola tofu nuggets, nutty tahini shakes, and perfectly crispy fries complete the meal.

9. Sage Vegan Bistro

Sage’s recipes feel like they push vegan food in a new direction because they are creative and filling. The eatery, which has outposts in Culver City, Agoura Hills, Echo Park, and Pasadena, serves a variety of sandwiches, including vegetarian versions of the bánh m and po’ boy. The food has unique and cozy touches. For example, the mole bowl’s brown rice and sautéed vegetables in a thick mole sauce feel filling and hearty. Jackfruit “crab” cakes are paired with tartar sauce and lemon for the perfect amount of zing. There is a variety of completely plant-based pizza and lasagna for maximum comfort, tacos and nachos are stuffed with jackfruit “carnitas” or eggplant “barbacoa,” and house-made ravioli is topped with cashew alfredo.

10. Pura Vita

With its cozy, romantic ambiance and authentic Italian classics, this little wine bar takes you to Naples. The meatballs are prepared with mushrooms and lentils rather than pork and are topped with macadamia parmesan. But you might not even notice. Tara Punzone, an Italian-American chef and restaurant owner who has been vegan for more than 30 years, has converted several of her favorite family dishes to the vegan diet, including the black magic lasagna. Which is brimming with cashew ricotta, mushrooms, and black truffle cream. She serves homemade Neapolitan pizzas and kinds of pasta, which you may pair with biodynamic Italian and international wines or a juicy bellini.

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