The 10 Most Unique Airbnbs that you can Rent in Los Angeles

Unique Airbnbs that you can Rent

Unique Airbnbs that you can Rent, Why settle for the ordinary if you want a staycation or are planning a trip to Los Angeles? Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and all that. It’s Los Angeles. Airbnb has some unusual lodging options, ranging from colorful hilltop mansions where you can pretend to be an Old Hollywood star to boho mountain hideaways. After all, Los Angeles is a playground for architects, with stunning mansions tucked away in canyons, next to the coast, or right in the middle of the action. For your upcoming trip, you’ll discover a list of some of our favorite unusual and Unique Airbnbs that you can Rent below. Whether they’re just crazily odd, gorgeous, or impossible to find, you’ll find something you’ll enjoy here.

Unique Airbnbs that you can Rent

1. A kitsch jungle playground in Topanga

Unique Airbnbs that you can Rent

Me hearties, this home, which bills itself as a Pirates of the Caribbean hideaway, is huge. The decor is Jungle Cruise meets Indiana Jones, featuring tiki, seashells, and laser lights (and a questionable teepee). However, we genuinely enjoy the beautiful vegetation and atmosphere; just make sure you have a high threshold for kitsch. There are 73 pictures for you to ogle. It has a sauna and sleeps two people practically.

2. A house with a tram in Laurel Canyon

Unique Airbnbs that you can Rent

Speaking of connections to the famous, this hilltop hideaway calls itself a “John Lennon residence,” though from what we can determine, the former Beatle probably just stopped by for a birthday celebration in the 1970s. However, if you’ve got it, show it off! Furthermore, there are other reasons to visit as well. The views are appropriate for A-List events in any era, and the house’s most distinctive feature is a private tram that will transport you up a steep slope and to the mansion. You can actually reach West Hollywood and the Sunset Strip from there if you use the tram to descend the hill.

3. A studio cottage in North East Los Angeles

Unique Airbnbs that you can Rent

We can see why they describe this distinctive studio home as a “craftsman desk in style.” It has a very unique appearance and feels, as though someone has put their own unique imprint on the space. For those of you who enjoy architecture, the partially open ceiling and skylight are wonderful examples. The summer months are a terrific time to use this pool. Inquiring as to why? It includes a fantastic non-heated pool that you may use to cool yourself during the sweltering summers in Los Angeles. Due to the fact that there is only one bedroom and one bathroom, it is ideal for individuals or couples seeking a quiet escape.

4. A hilltop yurt in Lincoln Heights

Unique Airbnbs that you can Rent

This 20-foot-diameter yurt, which is situated on a secluded section of the appropriately called Paradise Hill, is a cut above your typical bohemian retreat (of which there are many in L.A.). In addition to having a clawfoot solar-powered bathtub, incredibly comfortable furniture, heating, and cooling systems, the property also has a variety of other animals, including hens, goats, and even a huge tortoise named Rex. Unbelievably, Downtown Los Angeles is only ten minutes away. Why would a yurt want to be so close to L’s busy streets? When this is your haven of refuge, one bit. Glamping comes in two varieties.

5. An indoor-outdoor Craftsman in Venice

Unique Airbnbs that you can Rent

This Venice guest cottage seems to have captured the essence of the California dream in a single building: clean, comfortable furniture meets raw wood and industrial-chic surfaces, and an outside bathroom is covered in vines. All of this is housed in an airy Craftsman-style room. Adjective evocation aside, the location is in a lovely garden near Venice Beach. So if you’re seeking to maintain the outside vibes when you go and unwind somewhere a little more private, well, this is definitely the place for you.

6. A colorful caboose in Cornell

Unique Airbnbs that you can Rent

This studio is indeed located within a train car. And as you might anticipate, combines rural charm with some opulent-looking accents. It’s advisable to ascend the caboose outside to locate a patio with views of the neighboring Santa Monica Mountains. Be aware that there is a metalworking studio on the site that is in use during the week; however, the local hummingbirds, peacocks, and parrots should hopefully counterbalance this with some more relaxing noise. You’ll probably spend the majority of your time exploring anyway since you’re close to Malibu.

7. Artist bungalow near DTLA

Unique Airbnbs that you can Rent

This 500-square-foot home is located in the Boyle Heights section of Los Angeles, close to the Entity Magazine headquarters, on a quiet residential street. Take advantage of the LA climate from your front porch. That makes it possible to take advantage of the warm sun without ever leaving the property—the epitome of excellent LA life. For those days when you simply want to chill (or be absolutely sober, no vaping or smoking permitted either). There is also a TV in the bedroom with Netflix, Hulu (with an HBO add-on), and all the other facilities you would need to make sure your stay is convenient and hassle-free. Additionally, if you’d like to go have a look at the plants. There are more than 100 distinct species on the property.

8. A super-cute tiny home in the forest

Despite its diminutive size, this exquisitely made cottage provides everything you could ever want for a wonderful woodland getaway. The residence, which is tucked away in the trees on a one-acre lot, has easy access to the state park trail and looks out over a stunning vista of Topanga State Park. Within its 30 feet of space, the house fits a stone fireplace, a beautiful loft bed, a television, and adorable furnishings. Ideal for a romantic break or even a single journey. You don’t actually need much extra; staying uncomplicated and natural is frequently the best method of stress relief. Clutter, meet the beautiful, clean air of California.

9. A villa straight out of Old Hollywood

Unique Airbnbs that you can Rent, This hilltop mansion evokes the Golden Age of cinema with its blue mosaic pool surrounded by cypress trees and excellent iron craftsmanship everywhere. The chic furnishings, the large window with an arched opening, the mezzanine bedroom, the fireplace, and the 25-foot ceilings. The majority of the aforementioned dates back to the 1930s, as it should. There may not be a more romantically cinematic place to stay in the entire world. But we adore everything about this Hollywood home—well, everything except the price tag.

10. A legit castle in the Hollywood Hills

Yes, this is a castle, complete with turrets, stained glass, lofty ceilings, chandeliers, and detailed reliefs. However, this gorgeous Hollywood Hills property is anything but medieval; it has high-end appliances. A bathroom with more showerheads than we could count, an outside fire pit, a pool, and a spa. All that modern royalty may require. The castle itself is special because it is an example of “Filmic Storybook Architecture,” which was popular in the 1920s and early 1930s but not very common in Los Angeles. This one dates back to 1931.

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