République Restaurant in Los Angeles

République Restaurant  in Los Angeles

Time Out” says

At République Restaurant in Los Angeles, Even while a restaurant’s past diners shouldn’t define it, it’s difficult to deny the cultural significance of République, La Brea Avenue’s newest culinary masterpiece. Originally constructed in 1929, the structure housed Charlie Chaplin’s office before becoming the home of LA’s cherished Campanile and, after Campanile closed, La Brea Bakery. However, even while history undoubtedly plays a role, The value of a good bakery has persisted. République, run by Walter and Margarita Manzke and opened in November of last year, is a welcome improvement to LA’s French bistro scene.

Some opening suggestions: Hold your tongue if the thought occurs to you to say, “Hold the bread, please.” Margarita’s freshly made bread and pastries: République’s popularity is in great part due to Margarita’s. And the menu’s bread and butter section, as well as the charcuterie and cheese column, best showcase her skills. Dinner for two requires the duck liver mousse to begin, but a bigger gathering might benefit from the charcuterie board. You’ll need to ask for more bread, our neighbor. Who was seated at the table with his ailing parents, said as it arrived? He was correct, despite the bread’s coming with the jar of mousse topped with pickled Asian pear.

We requested as much bread as we could get to eat the enticing, sweet purée. (A more blunt description from my dinner companion. “This mousse is like crack.”) The bakery’s expertise is further demonstrated by the escargot en Croûte, which offers a savory counterpoint. Each tiny snail piece is coated in butter and garlic and hidden among three fluffy puff pastries. which, when served, prompted the question, “But who gets the third one?”

In addition

In addition, there are salads and veggie sides. A white salad was delivered as a crisp contrast to our hearty beginnings. Here, acidity is balanced perfectly thanks to a potent combination of endive, hazelnut oil, parmesan, and fennel (and a heavy dose of lemon). When you take your first bite, the food seems unremarkable. Or maybe uncomplicated—because you can make it at home so easily. But this is what makes Walter’s food so beautiful. République is primarily delivering bistronomy-inspired French food, where good ingredients and simplicity take precedence without losing originality.

This is best demonstrated by the variety of pasta, risotto, fish, and meat that serve as the menu’s rustic soliloquy. With its thick, stick-to-your-bones sauce, pumpkin agnolotti, topped with delicate hedgehog mushrooms, perfectly captured the end of winter. A prairie pig chop and belly dish that comes with sautéed greens, grilled apple, and parsnips is also available, along with duck leg confit, rotisserie chicken, and mussels. The pork is yet another superb example of simplicity at its best. The ingredients are presented in their natural state, with little extra required. It is full of flavor and perfectly seasoned.

The République serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so you may stop by for a chocolate banana croissant in the morning, and get a salad from the bakery counter for lunch. Or end your meal with one of Margarita’s wonderful Meyer lemon tarts while dining amid the cacophony of dinner service. In essence, it is a place that has attained comfort and accessibility at any time, characteristics unrelated to its storied past.

What to Eat: 

the $11 duck liver mousse. the $12 escargots en croûte the $12 white salad the $18 pumpkin agnolotti. Prairie prime pork belly and chops cost $36.

What to Drink: 

Cocktails are divided into categories such as “Aperitif,” “Tradition,” and “Market.” You can choose your own spirit in Harry’s Fix ($12), which is a terrific way to welcome summer and perfect for finicky drinkers. It is topped with a pile of berries and a sprig of mint. The drink menu is completed with a good selection of wines and ales.

Where to Sit: 

Take a seat at one of République’s communal tables for a laid-back group dinner. What you’ll be asking an adjacent diner in conversation is, “What are you eating?” Does that work at all? “With this dessert, are you kidding me? You must give this a shot.” —turn out to be equally satisfying as the dinner. Get a table upstairs where it won’t be as noisy or distracting on a romantic date.

Conversation Piece: 

Did you notice the 3% surcharge on your bill? That will cover each employee’s health insurance costs at République. You’ll discuss it with your dinner guests and the people seated at your shared table. I think we can all agree that that doesn’t seem entirely kosher. But you’ll still have to pay.

Details République Restaurant in Los Angeles

624 S La Brea Ave
Los Angeles
Opening hours:
Sun-Thu 8am-4pm, 5:30-10pm; Fri, Sat 8am-4pm, 5:30-11pm

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