The Best Meta Quest 2 Accessories of 2022

One of the greatest VR headsets available, the Meta Quest 2 is a great product right out of the box. With the appropriate add-ons to go along with the headset, it’s not ideal but it can come close.

Best Meta Quest 2 Accessory BundleBest Meta Quest 2 Carrying CaseBest Headphones for Meta Quest 2Best Meta Quest 2 Charging DockBest Meta Link CableBest USB-A to USB-C Cable for Meta Quest 2Best Meta Quest 2 Controller Grips
OUR SUMMARYOculus offers its best Quest 2 accessories for a solid discount. This bundle will make your Quest 2 significantly more pleasant to use.The official travel case for the Quest 2 doesn’t take up more space than it needs to. It’s perfect to throw in a backpack and get your VR session going anywhere you like.Custom-built with the Quest 2 in mind, the G333 buds offer a balanced mix of features for VR specifically, without breaking the bank.Anker offers the most elegant charging dock solution for Quest 2 at a mildly premium price. A great choice for serious Quest users.The only link cable designed for Quest 2 from scratch, is guaranteed to work flawlessly and last a long time.The best Oculus Link cable for anyone who doesn’t have a native USB-C connection on their PC.The VR Cover grips for the Quest 2 add a layer of safety of comfort to the touch controllers.
PROS✓ The most important Quest 2 accessories in one bundle
✓ Great price
✓ Slim, form-fitting with no extra frills
✓ Accommodates the standard and elite strap
✓ Precise cable length for Oculus Quest 2
✓ Tuned for VR audio output
✓ Aluminum body
✓ Highly portable
✓ Provides a desperately-needed halo-strap solution for Quest 2
✓ Solves the major comfort issues with Quest 2
✓ Offers custom-made-to-order lenses with optional filters
✓ Easy attachment and removal for different users who share a Quest
✓ Perfectly molded and styled to fit the Quest 2
✓ Includes custom controller covers and batteries to allow controller charging
✓ Elegant magnetic USB-C charging connection
✓ Adds textured grips, making it less likely your controller will slip
✓ Adds knuckle straps alongside wrist straps for added safety
CONS✗ Individual third-party accessories may be better than the in-house ones✗ Lacks additional storage pockets, not suitable for heavy-duty protection✗ Audio quality can’t match over-ear headphone solutions✗ Halo straps take longer to put on or remove✗ You’ll need to visit an optometrist for your prescription✗ Perhaps a little too expensive✗ Some users experience comfort issues

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