Is a New Cheech & Chong Movie Coming out Soon movies?

coming out soon movies

Coming out soon movies, Is there another film in the works as well, or have Cheech & Chong just simply landed a distribution contract for their hemp-based Men’s Grooming product line?

Could a new Cheech and Chong film be in the works at last? Although nothing has been publicly confirmed, it might be time to bring back the legendary stoner couple to the big screen or possibly to a major streaming service near you. For years, there has been some discussion about a potential new film from the pair, but nothing has happened. A movie may now, however, be a possibility, according to some recent commercial activity.

Recently, it was revealed that Profile Solutions Inc. has purchased the distribution rights for the Cheech and Chong men’s grooming product brands. The range includes a 3-in-1 body wash (which can also be used on a beard). And two different beard oils, one for growing and one for smoothing. All of them are hemp-based, which is extremely on brand for them. These goods will be offered by Profile Solutions Inc. both online and at physical stores in Israel and the United States. Dan Oran, the CEO of the company, stated this in a statement.

“We are thrilled to offer our clientele and the general public Cheech & Chong Men’s grooming products made from hemp. There is no better affiliation for a manufacturer and distributor of hemp-based products than the Cheech & Chong Brand. The name is closely associated with marijuana. In the cannabis market, Cheech & Chong are innovators and trendsetters who are laying the foundation for a revolution.”

The news announcement concerning the transaction

That seems rather clear-cut. The news announcement concerning the transaction does make a brief note that Profile Solutions Inc. has also “acquired other distribution rights.” There was no more explanation of what these distribution rights are for. Maybe it’s a stretch, but are they looking to collaborate with the duo on a new film? A different animated film? or even a fresh TV program? Maybe even simply a small-scale project to aid in the promotion of the grooming goods?

Even if they decide against doing Up In Smoke 2, Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong might be persuaded by the additional funds in their purses to do so. For what it’s worth, an “Untitled Cheech and Chong Project” is listed on IMDB right now. There are no other details available.

The highest-grossing comedy of 1978, Up in Smoke, was released, and it eventually became a cult classic. The two have since made several film appearances, mostly in films from the 1970s and 1980s. Their most recent endeavor was a 2013 animated film. Why not make a new Cheech and Chong film now? Considering the recent increase in reboots and revivals and the relative popular acceptance of marijuana given that Canada recently legalized it. And more and more states in the U.S. have been following suit recently. All we can really do for the time being is hope. However, for those wishful dreamers out there, keeping an eye on the IMDB page might not be a terrible idea.

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