Best Fast Food Cheeseburgers, Ranked

The modest cheeseburgers continue to be the cornerstone of the American fast food experience, despite the recent focus on fried chicken sandwiches. It’s ubiquitous and serves as the peg for the vast majority of fast food corporations to hang their obnoxious hats. From straightforward value menu burgers to adored drive-in legends with fervent cult followings, these cheeseburgers cover the spectrum.

Burgers are very powerful in drive-thrus. who makes the best, though? We sent our most dependable fast food experts from all around the nation to visit each significant business in order to get the answer. We avoided the extremely basic options and one-time-only specials to avoid making apples-to-oranges comparisons. Instead, we chose what we believe to be each restaurant’s premium burger, the dish that best characterizes the menu. No hidden menu cheats were used; each burger was ordered exactly as it is served and evaluated for its components, presentation, freshness, and overall delectability. Then we all fell asleep together. Here is how they performed.

1. Checkers Rally’s: Cheese Champ

The Build: A toasted bread, an American cheeseburgers patty that looks like it belongs in a cafeteria, red onion, lettuce, tomato, pickles, shredded lettuce, and mayonnaise.

You’ll be briefly impressed with this burger’s thickness and heaviness when you first unwrap it. Before you know it, the meat is simply topped with a little salad made largely of shredded lettuce and onions. It might even resemble a salad with a hamburger disc on top if you turned it upside down and took off the bun’s bottom. Even worse, this burger is too grey and thin (with insufficient char) to stand up to the vegetables. This cheeseburger is not deserving of the label “Champ.”

2. Dairy Queen Grill & Chill: Two Cheese Deluxe Signature Stackburger

The Build: Two dry beef patties are concealed by shredded lettuce, white onions, pickles, tomatoes, American cheese, and white cheddar cheese.

You won’t find food at every Dairy Queen restaurant, but if you do, you can get affordable fast food essentials to eat before your Blizzard, dipped cone, or Peanut Buster Parfait dessert. These DQ locations are called Grill & Chill locations. As part of the “$7 Meal Deal,” crispy chicken strips and fries are a sure thing. The burger selection, on the other hand, falls short of that standard. The beef patties atop our Stackburger were scorched to the point of almost absolute dryness, in contrast to the acidic treat that was the crinkle-cut dill pickles. In our opinion, shredded lettuce normally earns one or two points since it keeps the patties and other toppings from sliding around too much. However, these lifeless greens gave this burger an extra touch of dejection. Prepare yourself for a Choco Brownie Extreme Blizzard to drown your misery.

3. A&W: Papa Burger

The Build: A&W Papa Sauce, lettuce, tomato, white onion, pickles, two beef patties with a slice of American cheese on top of each, and a plain bun.

For those who only identify A&W with root beer floats (made with pure cane sugar! ), the McDonald’s Quarter Pounder with Cheese is arguably the burger that most closely resembles the Papa Burger. However, the A&W burger falls short of the standards set by the iconic Golden Arches burger. The cheese, sauce, and pickles are working very hard to counteract the bland bun, the dryness, and the saltiness of the burger. Even though pickles and cheese are excellent toppings, this isn’t a ranking of them. Keep it with the root beer.

 4. Burger King: The Whopper

The Build: A wide, thin, flame-kissed burger covered in iceberg lettuce, white onion, tomato, and crinkle-cut pickles; a crumbly sesame-seed bun lightly doused in mayo and ketchup.

The Whopper used to be a substantial, flame-broiled behemoth loaded with vegetables that made our slightly clogged hearts frequently feel pangs of hunger. But the Whopper seems to have lost its confidence as burgers grew larger.

When we received our burger and discovered wilted lettuce, undersized tomatoes, and a burger whose char—while legitimately the consequence of flames—completely overshadowed everything else, even raw onions, we at first assumed it was an error. Even though it was as dry as tinder, the inedible bun crumbled into a heap due to the moisture it contained. But that was no accident. This has been proven on subsequent trips, and the Whopper is no longer the special treat it once was. Instead, it now reminds us of one of those reheated gas station burgers. The Impossible Whopper, a genuinely good offering that tastes more like a Whopper from the good old days than the original does, and of course the Ch’King chicken sandwich. Which comes in first place on our list of the greatest fast food fried chicken sandwiches, maybe the reason why.

 5. White Castle: Cheese Slider: Cheeseburgers


The Build: A tiny steamed bun, a tiny square burger with five holes, a tiny slice of American cheese, tiny onions, tiny sensations of happiness, then tiny pangs of regret.

If you must scoff, do so, but you have to admire a burger for remaining true to its original form. Yes, it is a square patty that has been cooked with onions and has holes punched through it. But at a particular hour, usually about two in the morning, while blasting Beastie Boys, it fills a void. no frills No nonsense. Burgers from White Castle will never be more or less than what you expect, whether you purchase them in a case or at the grocery store.

6. Del Taco: Double Del Cheeseburgers


The Construction: Two medium-thick double patties with two slices of cheese, taco-style shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes. And a Thousand Island-like spread underneath, as is customary in California.

Given its size, its offering is comparatively insignificant. The sesame-seed bread is substantial, the spread is mayo-based. The stacked patties are flavorless yet juicy, and… wait, what were we talking about? Ah, I see. We’ve already kind of forgotten about this. You aren’t visiting for a hamburger. You came here to get some tasty fast food tacos. But kudos for being a place with a good burger to go with those tacos rather than the typical fast food approach of having bad tacos to go with mediocre burgers.

7. Jollibee: Big Yumburger: Cheeseburgers


The Build: Juicy patties on a soft bun with cheese, lettuce, tomato, and a special dressing.

Jollibee, a beloved Filipino restaurant brand, is fast growing in the US, but let’s be honest. The Big Yumburger is more or less an afterthought on a fast food menu. That also includes superb fried chicken, spaghetti with hot dogs and banana ketchup, panic palabok with shrimp seasoning, and mango hand pies. It’s passable but tasteless, as though someone was forced by corporate to assemble a burger and simply played fast food bingo until combinations of lettuce, tomato, cheese, and mayonnaise filled out the card. It commits the cardinal mistake of being uninteresting on a menu that is bursting with personality.

8 Jack in the Box: The Jumbo Jack: Cheeseburgers


The Build: A split top bun with mayo on it and a medium-thick burger topped with American cheese, pickles, lettuce, tomato slices, and sliced onions.

For its stoner-friendly mashups, mega-stack chicken sandwiches, and the inclusion of egg rolls and small tacos in places where they have no business being, Jack in the Box attracts a lot of attention. By comparison, its famous Jumbo Jack is rather simple and mild-mannered, which is a good thing. The Buttery Jack, an unholy mix of garlic butter and Swiss cheese, is the heir to the throne. In contrast, the Jumbo Jack is regular fare, calibrated to reach the comfort food marks. The split-top bun is strong, which is fortunate given that this sucker has an excessive amount of vegetation on top. The burger itself is mildly salty, has a faint char that doesn’t overpower it, is surrounded by slices of American cheese, and is balanced out with a small amount of mayo and ketchup. A good burger, in fact. Forgettable? Maybe.

9. Carl’s Jr. & Hardee’s: Super Star with Cheese


The Build: A seeded bun topped with mayo and special sauce, two charbroiled patties, two slices of American cheese, thick tomato slices, sliced onions, and leaf lettuce on the bottom.

The three-beer-deep grill-dad of fast food burgers is Carl’s Jr. And if said dad made his best-possible fast food burger imitation, the result would be the Super Star with Cheese. That indicates that the lettuce, onion, and tomato are farm-fresh. The patties are certainly juicy (or greasy—it was difficult to tell the difference—but wonderfully malformed and over-charred in spots). If the freshly made, seeded bread wasn’t so firm, it might be an issue. Overall, even though every bite tastes completely different, Carl’s Jr. hamburgers are better than they are given credit for.

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10. Wendy’s: Dave’s Double: Cheeseburgers


The Build: Two 1/4-pound, juicy square patties (because Wendy’s doesn’t skimp!) are sandwiched between a firm, toasted bread and topped with onion slices, tomato slices, leaf lettuce, mayo, and ketchup. Cheeseburgers

The Baconator is still a potent relic from America’s brief over-obsession with bacon. But Dave’s Double is still a knockout example of a well-executed, straightforward burger. The square patties on this dish are generously topped with lettuce and tomato. But the flavor of the burger is never dominated by the other ingredients. In fact, it is so formidable on its own that even the Single (the Triple? Stupid you.) Since Wendy’s has been promoting its “never frozen” policy long before McDonald’s started trash-talking it on Twitter. The quality gap between it and its numerous rivals says loudly about the difference it makes. There isn’t much here to hide the beef itself. Mostly juice with a little salt.

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