The Best Coffee Shop In Every State

 Coffee Shop In Every State

Coffee Shop In Every State, There seems to constantly be a line at Starbucks. And while I don’t want to knock the Big Green Mermaid, which serves some respectable brews, if you traveled to numerous places around the nation, you would discover a tonne of small, local businesses producing many superior goods with little to no wait. And it’s not only a phenomenon in cities like Portland or Seattle. There are numerous coffee businesses in every state that roast their own beans, make their own drinks, and offer settings that are genuinely particular to their locales.

Coffee Shop In Every State

So which state has the best coffee shops? We spoke with residents around the nation, traveled, and, yes, even looked up some experts online to help us answer this important topic. We discovered that there is always somewhere in America that provides a better, more local experience than a major national business. These coffee shops are a must-visit if you find yourself in any of these cities.

1. Alabama: Prevail Union

 Coffee Shop In Every State

Prevail Union appears on the outside to be a modern, sophisticated coffee shop with a wide variety of pour-over coffees. However, if you look a little closer, you will discover that this location on Montgomery’s illustrious Dexter Avenue is rich with history. Prevail Union is located right next door to the department store where Rosa Parks was employed on the day she refused to give up her bus seat, and nearby buildings still have segregated water fountains that serve as historical markers, all of which give you an idea of the city’s civil rights history.

2. Alaska: Heritage Coffee Roasting Company

 Coffee Shop In Every State

When you live in Alaska’s remote regions, it can be difficult to source anything other than salmon. Although you can only travel to Juneau by plane or boat, Heritage Coffee manages to obtain some of the greatest coffee beans from throughout the globe. They roast the stuff in Juneau’s downtown, where Heritage has grown to include eight restaurants with a cozy, Alaskan vibe. The business actively participates in the Juneau community by giving to several non-profits and supporting both arts and children’s organizations.

3. Arizona: Exo Roast Company

 Coffee Shop In Every State

After stopping at El Guero Canelo for the finest hot dog in Arizona, avoid a food coma by going to Exo for a strong caffeine boost. With items like the mesquite cold brew, you’ll get a truly local experience. The chiltepin cold brew, a hot, fruity coffee, is another option. Some of Tucson’s most imaginative residents come to the store to work because of the inventive coffees, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise if you see a musician you saw perform live the night before sitting next to you as you sip.

4. Arkansas: Mugs Coffee Company

 Coffee Shop In Every State

The best cup of coffee in Central Arkansas may be found at this wildly popular coffee shop in North Little Rock’s Argenta Historic District. The inside still has a decidedly Ozarkian atmosphere thanks to the wood walls and the overstuffed leather furnishings, but it still has a contemporary Little Rock feel to it. Given that Mugs Coffee Co. is known as much for its cuisine as it is for its coffee culture, that atmosphere may well be confused for the aroma of freshly brewed coffee or pressed sandwiches.

5. California: Temple Coffee Roasters

 Coffee Shop In Every State

No place holds more significance for Temple Coffee Roasters’ hometown. Although Sacramento itself has a terrific culinary scene, Temple is so good that it has its own subscription coffee club for people who live outside of the state’s capital.

Although San Francisco and Los Angeles are magnificent cities in their own right, do they serve the Three Pillars Blend with its undertones of cocoa, sugar, and dried fruit? That is why Temple has amassed a cult-like following outside of its hometown—more so than any other California coffee establishment.

6. Colorado: Thump Coffee

 Coffee Shop In Every State

Coffee Shop In Every State, Despite coming from Bend, Oregon, Thump has established itself as a staple of the Denver coffee scene, largely due to the wide variety of coffees it offers and the amusing phrases that are displayed over the coffee bar. Even though their normal coffee beverages are good, it’s best to get one of their specialty roasts, like the North Fork, which has undertones of chocolate and citrus in every sip. Thump is a craft coffee business that doesn’t take itself too seriously, regardless of what you order. And above somewhere else in Colorado, we’d come here for that.

7. Connecticut: Fussy Coffee

 Coffee Shop In Every State

A variety of exotic wines and Belgian-style French fries are also available at Fussy Coffee in New Haven’s Science Park, where the coffee menu has items like Tokyo flat whites with miso and coconut curry cappuccinos. Although the moniker could give the impression that the establishment caters to a picky customer, the rest of the food menu is diverse and inclusive. Therefore, you have the option of pairing your chai coconut cold brew with a Thai peanut rice bowl or a Korean banh mi.

8. Delaware: Brew HaHa!

 Coffee Shop In Every State

Brew HaHa! maintains a small-town atmosphere in each of its eight locations around Wilmington and the neighboring areas. The baristas know your name and don’t even need to inquire if you’re having your usual. This is due to the fact that the people who established this location decades ago based the idea on a café they encountered in a tiny town in the Italian countryside and strive to replicate that experience in each location. Delaware Today has awarded it the state’s top coffee shop for 23 years running, proving that the recipe has been successful.

9. Florida: Bold Bean Coffee Roasters

 Coffee Shop In Every State

While Buddy Brew in Tampa and Panther Coffee in Miami can both compete on a national level, Bold Bean in Jacksonville’s hip San Marco district is the best place to escape the heat.

Spend an afternoon here sipping their craft pour-overs and you’ll find lots of musicians, artists, and start-up business owners working together all around you. Jax doesn’t receive nearly enough recognition for its arts community. Bold Bean is the place to go if you want to experience what a Florida coffee shop should feel like.

10. Georgia: Foxy Loxy Print Gallery and Cafe

 Coffee Shop In Every State

Coffee Shop In Every State, Some people might argue that drinking coffee and eating tacos is about as bad for your digestion as drinking soda and eating pop rocks, but after dining at this Savannah sidewalk café, you’ll probably disagree. Surprisingly, Foxy Loxy’s thick, potent coffees go well with its Tex-Mex food. Several coffees with a Latin American influence are also available, including the classic cafe con Leche and the horchata latte. After devouring their beef and chorizo tacos, you’ll need them to wake you up. Alternatively, if you’re in for breakfast, try the spicy huevos rancheros quiche, a classic egg dish with a twist.

11. Hawaii: Paia Bay Coffee Bar

 Coffee Shop In Every State

This stop in charming Paia Bay is hard to match for diversity, setting, and utility. First off, if you’re searching for espresso to fuel you for the ride, here is the place. The village is the last small remnant of civilization before ascending Maui’s famed Road to Hana.

Second, the people who make Maui such a blissful place are mixed among the audience at Paia Bay Coffee Bar. It’s worth stopping in for a leisurely cup as the island breeze blows through the dining area if you’re not in a rush to go.

12. Idaho: Flying M Coffee

 Coffee Shop In Every State

After graduating from the University of Washington, Kevin and Lisa Myers moved back to Lisa’s home state of Idaho, got hitched, and founded this little coffee shop in Boise. They were inspired by the Seattle coffee mania of the 1990s. The establishment served top-notch coffee amidst jarring old furnishings and strange gifts. When Flying M started roasting its own beans in the middle of the 1990s, it expanded even more.

An Idaho institution that also gives back is Flying M. The store sponsors the Flying M for AIDS benefit exhibition every year when local artists auction off their works with the money going to support those in the community who are living with HIV and AIDS.

13. Illinois: The Wormhole

 Coffee Shop In Every State

Even though Greater Chicago is home to as many excellent coffee shops as there are irate Bears supporters, sometimes a place needs to stand out in order to get noticed. And occasionally, that unique item is a Delorean that has been fully hollowed out and installed atop the bar. You can find it at The Wormhole, and while the car won’t transport you back thirty years in time, the ancient NES loaded with all of your favorite 8-bit games just could. Yes, the coffee is also excellent. But sometimes it’s preferable to look for nostalgia in a city where that’s not difficult to discover.

14. Indiana: Fortezza Coffee

 Coffee Shop In Every State

In the windswept plains of the Midwest, Fortezza Coffee resembles a piece of Seattle or Portland where carefully chosen espresso beans produce mixed coffee drinks that are on par with anything from a bigger metropolis.

On the menu at Fortezza, you’ll also discover local craft beer, bento boxes, and other millennial favorites. Perhaps this explains why young mobile workers from Fort Wayne assemble at Fortezza during the day. Fortezza, where you can get a latte every day and perhaps still save enough money to buy a house, makes it clear why Niche called Fort Wayne the cheapest city in America.

15. Iowa: The Lantern Coffeehouse and Roastery

 Coffee Shop In Every State

You wouldn’t expect to discover a region with premium coffee beans, according to the Food Network, in Iowa. But the Lantern Coffee House & Roastery in Sibley is a truly remote gem. The nonprofit ministry that founded this roastery gave it its name, luring new members with freshly baked pastries and house-roasted coffee. And regardless of whether you decide to stay for the scripture or the sandwiches, you will undoubtedly feel rejuvenated once you have left.

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