Best Seafood Restaurants in Miami

Best Seafood Restaurants in Miami

When northerners go to Miami, they expect to eat fish that was caught that morning at the docks and served grilled or blackened with a bit of lemon or butter for flavor. The locals want the large seafood platters that Abuelo used to get from that hidden restaurant in Little Havana. The good news is that Miami still meets both of these standards. Offering glamorous seafood eateries that serve attractive plates of crudo and grilled fillets and decades-old establishments that have long since mastered Latin coastal cuisine. At one of Little Havana’s top eateries, a short order of crispy snapper served on a Cuban roll? A ceviche presented in an artistic manner? Yes, at these top seafood restaurants in Miami. We also have a tonne of fresh oysters and peel-and-eat deals for days

Best seafood restaurants in Miami

1. La Mar Best Seafood Restaurants in Miami

Best Seafood Restaurants in Miami

In Peru, the executive chef—possibly the most well-known chef in the nation—is technically a celebrity. Diego Oka, though, plates Instagram-worthy dishes that taste just as amazing as they look. Is the true mastermind behind the daily operations. The vibrant ceviches, which manage to be full of tart citrus flavor while also preserving the delicate taste of the fish, are the best example of the menu’s emphasis on local catch and seafood that you would encounter on a trip to Peru. The fact that La Mar’s balcony has the kind of vista you’d expect from a premier seafood restaurant. The bay waves crashing against the seawall below are an added bonus.

2. Mignonette

Best Seafood Restaurants in Miami

In a lovely, relaxed environment, downtown’s upmarket seafood café serves a variety of oysters, great fish, and buttery Connecticut-style lobster rolls. Despite the otherwise informal atmosphere, it’s simple to overindulge here, with dishes like Osetra caviar and the seafood towers costing over three figures. However, after stuffing yourself silly with a dozen middle-neck clams, you could also leave in the reasonably priced territory. A bowl of chowder and some of the freshest catch anywhere prepared However, the chef felt that day.

3. The River Seafood Oyster Bar

Best Seafood Restaurants in Miami

Due to its unrivaled half-price oyster happy hour from 4:30 to 7 pm, River Oyster is the go-to place for folks who enjoy bivalves. The menu offers a wide variety of seafood throughout regular hours. From fresh and nearby to beautiful seafood that has been flown in, such as yellowtail caught right here in Florida or salmon that has traveled all the way from New Zealand. River Oyster consistently delivers, whether it’s a straightforward crab cake or a complex seafood platter piled high with shrimp, lobster, and everything else.

4. Klaw Restaurant & Rooftop Bar

Best Seafood Restaurants in Miami

There is really no doubt about the freshness of the next dinner as soon as you enter, given that all of those king crabs are taking a final swim in aquariums right in the entranceway. Before being de-shelled at the table and artistically arranged to be eaten with the absolutely optional herbed butter. Servers take out the red crab legs that have been arranged in a geometric design. There are certainly other reasons to visit. Such as the gorgeous restoration of a historic bayfront building and the dry-aged steaks from unique suppliers. But the show-stealing crabs will undoubtedly grab the spotlight.

5. Prime Fish

Best Seafood Restaurants in Miami

The fish shack was reimagined by restaurateur Myles Chefetz into a glitzy concept where massive seafood platters are served alongside lobster cocktails. And enough caviar to give everyone in the room the bumps. No matter the weather, it will be difficult to decide between the patio. Which is shaded by the long arms of a grandfather oak, and the softly lighted dining room, which is crowned with all those dark wood beams.

6. Joe’s Stone Crab

Best Seafood Restaurants in Miami

A popular South Beach destination is possibly Florida’s most well-known restaurant. Long waits may result from the stringent no-reservations policy, but people-watching in the vintage bar makes the hours (!!!) fly by. The best option is to find stone crabs (October through May) in the region that essentially created the cuisine, although burgers and fried chicken make a great backup.

7. Lure Fishbar

Best Seafood Restaurants in Miami

The Lure Fishbar at Loews Miami Beach seems different from other hotel restaurants. Because it has a separate entrance and a terrace with views of Miami Beach. The lively setting is fashionable and young, just like its patrons. Try Lure out before going out on a date or for a night out. The menu consists of a mix of traditional foods and a few hip small plates, such as tuna tacos and deviled eggs with caviar on top. Which should appeal to the South Beach crowd’s concern for their figures.

8. La Camaronera

Best Seafood Restaurants in Miami

This popular seafood restaurant expanded from basic counter space to a sizable, full-service business with a long list of TV endorsements and hordes of devoted patrons. Fish, lobster, and stone crabs are all served at La Camaronera. And almost all of it is caught in South Florida. Even though everything on the menu is delicious, you should go here for a gigantic chunk of fried snapper sandwiched between two fluffy Cuban rolls.

9. Stiltsville Fish Bar

Best Seafood Restaurants in Miami

Janine Booth and Jeff McInnis were inspired by those residences perched on top of stilts deep within Biscayne Bay when designing this quaint Sunset Harbour location. Which is illuminated by the glow of sunsets across the bay. The variety of coastal cuisine on the menu includes anything from low-country shrimp and grits to fresh catch from escabeche.

10. Captain’s Tavern Restaurant

Best Seafood Restaurants in Miami

This establishment has been a Pinecrest institution since Bill “The Captain” Bowers first opened its doors in 1971. The fresh seafood and the hospitable hum of excitement are enough to divert attention despite the outdated-looking surroundings. A grouper oscar, made with giant lump crabmeat, asparagus, and hollandaise, is one of the many crowd-pleasing dishes on its enormous two-page menu. Another is a seafood medley composed of fish, scallops, shrimp, and spicy tomato sauce served with a side of jasmine rice and sweet plantains. Even the sweet chili sauce that is provided with Thai-style lobster nuggets is homemade. Regulars know to pop by on Tuesdays for two Maine lobsters for the price of one.

11. Area 31 Best Seafood Restaurants in Miami

Area 31 is still at the forefront of serving fish prepared with a Spanish flair while being a local pioneer in the sustainable seafood movement. A journey here is worthwhile just for the vista. When you eat delectable ceviche, Crudo, and other seafood while perched on the 16th story of the EPIC Hotel, the Miami cityscape is spread out in front of you.

12. Novikov Miami

The popular Chinese-Japanese eatery owned by Russian restaurateur Arkadiy Novikov has sibling establishments in Moscow, London, and Dubai. The attendees are equally diverse and upscale in style. The opportunity to tuck into a treasure trove of sashimi, maki, robata skewers, and dim sum makes us welcome the setting. The expansive vistas of Biscayne Bay are also quite nice.

13. Garcia’s Seafood Grille & Fish

This family-run establishment near the Miami River was established in 1966 by the Garcia brothers and operates as a restaurant, fish market, and distributor for several neighborhood businesses. Why not try it right from the source when Garcia’s fishing boats are frequently seen casting nets around the Florida shores? Here, only the freshest fish is served. But the catch of the day is what is listed on the restaurant’s straightforward chalkboard menu, so choose that.

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