Apowersoft Screen Recorder for Windows1.5.0.6

Quickly and easily record your computer screen

You may quickly and simply record your computer screen with Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder without having to download screencast software. This tool is web-based, which means you may record any activity on your screen by simply opening it in your web browser. The application’s straightforward user interface makes it simple to produce video streams, self-demonstrations, live chat, and more.

How can I record my screen online for free?

The Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder allows you to record your screen for free online, with no time limits, paywalls, or watermarks. This web-based screen capture tool does not require a Java applet; instead, when you first use it, you must install a launcher. With only a few clicks, you may make an unlimited number of screen recordings online. It’s compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Android and iOS devices.

You can set the resolution of your video, the audio input (system audio and microphone audio), take and annotate simple screenshots, and add arrows, text, and lines while recording using the Free Online Screen Recorder. You can save a local copy of your video (export videos to MP4, WMV, AVI, FLV, MPEG, VOB, ASF, and GIF) or upload it immediately to video-sharing networks like RecCloud and YouTube once it’s ready.

Without halting the recording, the application may effortlessly switch between recording activity on the computer screen and recording activity on your website. You can also incorporate your webcam into the screen recording so that viewers can see both your demonstration and the activity on the screen at the same time. This is particularly helpful when making educational films.

Using typical chat services like Skype or GoToMeeting, you may also record several webcam videos side by side. You can resize the camera image to fit your own requirements.

Amazing-Share Free Screen Recorder, Free Screen Recorder, and Icecream Screen Recorder are all free alternatives to Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder. Meanwhile, Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro and ApowerREC are premium paid-for programs with limited free trials before requiring a subscription.

How do I use the Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder?

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder is extremely simple to use, with a straightforward UI and on-screen instructions to get you started. Simply click Start Recording when you’ve downloaded the software. The recording toolbar will appear, and the recording area will be automatically picked as the center of your screen. If you’re happy with the default settings, simply press the big red Record button to begin recording.

Use the drop-down option on the toolbar to pick which section of your screen should be recorded if you wish to change the recording settings (full screen, a custom region, or an area with the same dimensions as different mobile devices). Additional options are available in the Settings menu (accessed by clicking the three dots), including the ability to customize keyboard shortcuts, where your films are saved, frame rates, and more.

For a free desktop screen recorder, much alone a web-based solution, this is an astonishing list of features.

It’s quite easy to annotate and alter the screen in real-time after you’ve started filming – there’s no need to add lines, text, callouts, or highlights in post-production. This makes Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder perfect for creating software lessons and walkthroughs, which you can upload as soon as you’re finished recording (but it’s not good for recording games, which some users may find frustrating).

When you’re done, you may save your film as a video or GIF file to Vimeo, YouTube, Dropbox, or Google Drive, as well as to your PC or Mac. Apowersoft also includes a video editing program that you may use to improve your work.

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder is one of the greatest free online screen recorders available since it is so easy to use and produces such high-quality results.

Superior free online screen recorder

For a free app, Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder is a terrific screen recording tool that is easy to use and offers a surprising number of customizing options. The duration of your video is unrestricted, and the application does not include any distracting watermarks.

Free Online Screen Recorder offers an easy-to-use interface that allows almost anyone to immediately grasp its layout and functions. Overall, it’s a feature-rich screen recorder that’s made much more stunning by its web-based capabilities.


TitleApowersoft Screen Recorder for Windows
RequirementsWindows 8,Windows 10,Windows 7,Windows Vista,Windows XP,Windows 2003
Available languagesGerman,Spanish,French,Italian,Japanese,Portuguese
Date addedFriday, April 20th 2018

Record your screen for free with Apowersoft Screen Recorder

Apowersoft Screen Recorder is a safe and free screen recorder for recording any activity on your computer screen. Instead of having to capture the entire screen, the program allows users to record only what they want. Bandicam and Open Broadcaster Software are two similar programs (OBS).

Unlimited recording

Apowersoft Screen Recorder is absolutely free, and there are no restrictions on the types of media that capture with it. Virtually everything is displayed on your computer screen can record with the software. The program is installed and used on a variety of devices and requires very little technical knowledge to use.

Record multiple screens

Apowersoft Screen Recorder allows you to record many screens at the same time. Users can pick and select whatever screens they want to record, and even specify that only a portion of the screen should capture. The application also enables webcam capture, which allows users to capture both their webcam and their screen at the same time; this is a useful tool for users who want to create instructive movies, for example.

Our take

Apowersoft Screen Recorder is a wonderful option for users looking for a versatile screen capture program. The program makes it simple to capture and share the contents of your screen, and it does it in high definition. The software is also a good productivity tool because it allows users to record a limitless amount of video.

Should you download it?

Yes, Apowesoft Screen Recorder is well-design and has a number of capabilities you wouldn’t expect to see in a free software solution. Features like the webcam recording capabilities, which are both user-friendly and straightforward, make the program a flexible productivity tool for both power users and novices.


Inviting user interface.
Requires minimal resources.
Runs online and doesn’t require installation.
Multi-screen recording.


Requires installation of a launcher on first-time use.
Downloading/uploading recordings can be time-consuming on slower networks.

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