Amalia Restaurant Miami Beach

Amalia Restaurant Miami Beach

Time Out says

Amalia Restaurant Miami Beach, a new Mediterranean-Italian restaurant in South Beach, remains unnoticed. But it’s attractive, expertly prepared meals merit a second glance.

A Kardashian-level legal drama took place during the course of the lengthy makeover at the Art Deco Lennox Hotel Miami Beach. When an Argentine hotel group first came a few years ago. In the end, South Beach in 2019 now boasts a chic boutique hotel and, more recently, the equally upscale restaurant Amalia.

Amalia Restaurant Miami Beach launched

The fact that Amalia launched in January 2022 without the usual fanfare associated with new eateries (we’re looking at you, Sexy Fish) may come as a surprise to you. However, Amalia has a brilliant chef who serves up some excellent food in a beautiful dining room, all of which just might help it overcome the quiet opening and the fact that it is at a place that not all Miamians frequent—namely, 19th and Collins.

Hernan Griccini, the chef, learned to cook from his parents. Who runs a bakery in the agriculturally prosperous province of Santa Fe, Argentina. He spent years working in prestigious kitchens in Argentina. And Mexico after rising through the ranks at his first position at the Park Hyatt in Mendoza. He is utilizing a Mediterranean aesthetic that is primarily Italian at Amalia.

Griccini has Italian ancestry, like two-thirds of Argentines. And it shows in the attention to detail he gives to the food served here. Arugula is layered over the smoky eggplant, and a piece of burrata is cut in half and placed on top of a tomato salad. Along with a piece of bread to mop up the sweet-sour dressing. Like many Argentinian-Italian recipes. The gnocchi is served swimming in a sea of gooey cheese that is speckled with little islands of roasted tomatoes. The porcini ravioli in a creamy cream sauce receives a pleasant crunch from toasted hazelnuts. While the branzino is simply roasted and placed above sautéed vegetables. These two dishes are the best we tried.

Every meal is elegantly plated.

Every meal is elegantly plated, complementing the similarly fashionable setting. With orange sherbert-colored plush chairs and matching light fixtures that resemble spread-out butterfly wings. The interior design has a vintage feel that makes it appear like something you’d find in a hotel restaurant from the Art Deco era. Except for the potted and wall-hanging plants that add a splash of color, everything else is drab. The outdoor space carries on the theme with a retractable canopy and a wall of plants that give the impression. It is hidden away despite being only a short distance from Collins Avenue.

Amalia is attractive, the food is prepared with skill, and the establishment opened with surprisingly little hoopla. Amalia might be able to persuade you to go to this portion of South Beach for dinner more regularly even though you don’t frequently think about Argentinean Italian cuisine.


Lennox Hotel Miami Beach
1900 Collins Ave

Opening hours:

Daily 8–11:30am, 12:30–3:30pm; Tue–Sat 8–11:30am, 12:30–3:30pm, 6:30–10pm

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