A stunning new glamping site is opening in Miami this fall

stunning new glamping site

Fall in Miami has many wonderful aspects, one of which is the beaches, which we are still taking advantage of at this time of year. However, if you enjoy the season’s outdoor activities, spending the fall in the south is not the best option.

This October, LULU Glamping will host Miami-first-ever Dade’s upscale camping event in Homestead, bringing the tradition of colder weather to South Florida. The enormous new facility, which shares space with Schnebly Redland’s Winery & Brewery, transforms the untamed grounds by adding resort-style facilities and lodging.

The event’s planners, who are preparing to launch in advance of Miami‘s busiest tourist season, promise a wide range of entertainment options for visitors. There will be opportunities for trekking, biking, horseback riding, and excursions to surrounding destinations like the Florida Keys and the Everglades, which are all easily accessible. Additionally, there will be a sizable outdoor theater with comfortable seating and a fireplace area where campers may congregate on chilly nights and make s’mores. Thanks to LULU’s lucky neighbors, food and drinks will be provided.

The 13 domed dwellings that make up the proposed glamping accommodations each have a bathroom, a shower, a kitchen, a patio, a private grill area, and—best of all—air conditioning. The common section of the campground, which people can use for activities or gatherings as they grow to know one another, will be a larger dome.

However, the organisers did offer this phone number: 786-450-7678, which upon the closer study (and a quick Google search) reveals to be the same contact information for Hot Tub Movie—an interesting idea that never quite took off. Pricing and the official opening date have not yet been disclosed. We could all benefit from spending more time outside, in air-conditioned comfort, so let’s hope glamping does better.

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