9th Class Result 2022

9th Class Result 2022
Class Name9th Class
Exams DateMay
Result Date19th September 2022
Announcement Time10:00 AM
Result StatusAnnounce
Result TypeAnnual

Punjab Board SSC 9th Class Result 2022 Check by Name & Roll Number

In September 2022, the 9th Class Result 2022 will be made public. Their wait is now over as all nine Punjab educational boards have released the 9th Class Result 2022. Here, students in 9 subjects can check their boards’ results online.

The SSC part 1 results were issued on the same day by the nine boards in Punjab:

BISE Lahore Board, BISE Faisalabad Board, BISE Gujranwala Board, BISE DG Khan Board, BISE Sahiwal Board, BISE Rawalpindi Board, BISE Bahawalpur Board, BISE Sargodha Board, and BISE Multan Board.

The position holders will be revealed prior to the final results. On the websites of their respective boards, students can check their results. Official websites are down due to heavy server traffic. For this problem, students can also verify the results of their 9th grade on “pakoption.org.”

This list of 9th Class Result boards gives you the option to select your board and view the results.

Choose Board to Check Result

Lahore BoardRawalpindi Board
Gujranwala BoardBahawalpur Board
Faisalabad BoardSargodha Board
Multan BoardSahiwal Board
DG Khan Board

Result Of 9th Class 2022

These Punjabi educational boards all make an effort to give their pupils a wonderful learning environment. The primary duties of educational boards include managing exam halls and supervisory staff for final exams, administering exams in an entirely fair environment, announcing the 9th Class Result 2022, registering candidates, issuing provisional roll number slips to properly registered candidates, and conducting exams. Similar to educational boards in other nations, those in Punjab work to advance both the nation and its citizens.

How To Check 9th Class Result 2022?

The process of checking the SSC part 1 result 2022 after it has been released confounds many students. The methods that are given below can be used by the pupils to achieve their goals.

1. 9th Class Result check by name

Candidates can look up their results for the ninth grade by name in 2022. The board makes sure that the results are made available to the students by publishing them in the result gazette. Shortly after the announcement of the results, candidates can check the results by name.

2. SSC Part 1 Result check by roll number

The students can also use a different method, such as looking up the results using their roll numbers, to confirm the results of the 9th class. Candidates must do this by typing their roll number into the search field on the board’s official website. The candidates can readily verify the results after processing their roll number.

3. Class 9 Result Check by SMS

In 2022, candidates can also verify their 9th-class results by SMS. Candidates must enter their roll number into the code that their board has supplied. The table below includes the SMS code for the Punjab Educational Board.

BoardSMS Codes
Lahore Board80029
Gujranwala Board800299
Rawalpindi Board800296
Sahiwal Board800292
Sargodha Board800290
Multan Board800293
Dera Ghazi Khan Board800295
Faisalabad Board800240
Bahawalpur Board800298
Federal Board5050

SSC Part 1 Result 2022 Announce Date

The ninth-class annual exams were held in April or May across all boards, as they were each year immediately after the ninth-class exams. The schedule for the yearly 9th class exams in 2022 has been made public by the board authorities.

The 9th Class Result 2022 preparation and announcement procedure is currently nearing completion. On the other hand, the administrators of each Punjab board have not released any announcements on the precise time of the result announcement, however, it is anticipated that it would happen shortly. All Punjabi boards will declare the 9th class results for 2022 on the same day. The ninth result for 2022 was released in November of that year.

Download 9th Class Result 2022 Gazette

Without having to ask, many students want to learn their friends’ grades. You’ll need to know their roll number in order to find the outcome. Without a roll number, you cannot verify the results of any student. The 9th result is a PDF version of the 2022 gazettes.

The results of the students are listed in the gazettes under their names. Gazettes are in pdf format, so press Ctrl+F to find the name in the search bar before moving on. Results for any student are available.

All students who registered for the boards have had their results published in the gazette. Only the number of students or the sum of their grades, however, are required to be published in the gazette.

By doing this, you can determine their roll number. Once you have the roll number, use the procedures above to find the entire marks sheet. The entire board gazetted for Pakistan is available on this page.

Exams Of Elective Subjects

The federal education minister announced this year that the government would only administer exams in voluntary subjects. This choice was taken in light of the current situation caused by the virus, in which students are unable to finish homework since educational facilities have been closed for an extended period of time. Candidates must get ready for the elective topics mentioned in the table below, according to published instructions.

Sr.No.Mathematics GroupBiology GroupComputer Group

BISE Lahore Board SSC Part 1 Result 2022

In Pakistan, all of these boards were established and are in charge of differentiating between secondary and intermediate education in response to the expanding and difficult demand for a clear infrastructure.

The SSC part 1 results for 2022 were revealed and made public by the BISE Lahore board in July. All Punjabi boards announced their test results following a few months of testing.

Since the grades from classes 11 and 12 combine to form a percentage that decides the students’ future educational path, this outcome is crucial to a student’s career. Students are admitted to a range of colleges and educational fields as a result of this discovery.

BISE Faisalabad Board 9th Class Result 2022

The Faisalabad board will release the class 9th result in 2022 at that time, and the results will be posted on our website shortly after that.

The Pakistani government provides scholarships to students so they can advance their education and do good deeds for their nation.

Many students choose to pursue higher education abroad since these pupils are in direct competition with their aims or aspirations in life.

One of the very cheap things is that pupils desire to compete with one another, and yes, you read that right, this leads to the worst possible conclusion.

BISE Gujranwala Board Class 9 Result 2022

Exam rescheduling and examination process monitoring are both handled by a well-organized system at the BISE Gujranwala board. They provided the checkers with a scoring schedule, a scoring design, and instructions on how to finish the results in accordance with clear standards and guidelines.

Initially, the BISE Gujranwala board made an effort to create consistent findings for each of its pertinent study materials. In Punjab, the results of the 9th-grade exams for the year 2022 have been made public.

Kids who are interested in learning can benefit from using our website. The annual results for the 9th grade in 2022 are anticipated to be released very soon by all Punjabi boards.

BISE DG Khan Board Result of 9th Class

The Dera Ghazi Khan board administers the yearly test. Each board will publish its schedule for the final term exam. For the purpose of registering for the exam, all students who wish to take it must pay a fee.

The schedule of the exam will be posted on the board before they are able to administer SSC Part 1 exams. The keenly awaiting SSC part 1 DG Khan board students will soon be able to get their results on our website.

Our crew offers you each service for your convenience, so you don’t have to wait for long. All matriculation and intermediate class annual results will be made public by the BISE Dera Ismail Khan. so that you may be quickly verified by everyone.

To receive all the most recent and impending info on the results that their perspective board or the government has announced. As a result, come back often to our website.

BISE Sahiwal Board 9th Result

The BISE Board of Sahiwal hosted the Matric exams so that students might advance their academic careers and get high marks. The SSC 9th class results will be made public in November 2022. A matriculation degree is necessary for both a fruitful academic career and respectable employment in the real world. If you put your faith in Allah, work hard, and have confidence in yourself, I promise you will be rewarded.

The Matric, Inter, and other test results are also available on my website. Do you struggle to do your science homework? Do you need help doing your homework? If so, this report is something you should read. Spend five minutes gathering yourself.

Numerous subjects are covered in junior high school science studies, including biology, chemistry, and earth sciences.

BISE Rawalpindi Board Matric Part 1 Result

The Matric part one results for the Rawalpindi board were made public in July or August. Students can as a result quickly and effectively check the 9th class result on our website.

Kids who are interested in learning can benefit from using our website. All boards in Punjab will release their results at 10:00 a.m. Be patient with us.

BISE offers all-board matriculation for students in class 9. The results for all Punjabi schools will be made public soon. At 10 a.m., we’ll quickly post the outcomes of all boards, and students can check their SSC 9th class 2022 results online without delay.

BISE Bahawalpur Board SSC Part Part One Result

The BISE Bahawalpur board will release the SSC part 1 annual examination results in July and August. The Bahawalpur board SSC 9th class 2022 results have been released.

The class for the 9th result in 2022 is simply accessible by clicking the link provided below. You should look for outside help if you are already devoting at least 4-6 hours per week to studying.

With the concepts you acquired in class, a tutor can swiftly get you back on track. Speak with your tutor if you’re looking for assistance but are having trouble finding it.

BISE Sargodha Board 9th Class Result 2022

A prestigious educational board that offers instruction and conducts exams at the end of the school year is the BISE Sargodha board. The BISE Sargodha matric part 1 results are released by the Sargodha board following the conclusion of the matric class annual exams. The latest updates on the Sargodha Board SSC part 1 result may be found here, along with thorough information for students.

The Sargodha Board 9th class result is prepared three months before the annual matric class exams, which are held in the second week of March in government schools. The BISE Sargodha board releases the results of the yearly matric class part 1 exams in June.

BISE Multan Board SSC Part 1 Result

You can access the BISE Multan SSC part one 9th class result 2022 by entering your roll number. Online homework completion is a more practical and advantageous option for pupils than visiting the results.

The first result after the matric result is the BISE Multan 9th class result 2022. As a result, after matriculation, students are eager to see the fruits of their diligent study and laborious efforts.

Students will have the opportunity to start their graduation to raise their overall GPA and get the best marks.

The BISE Multan board has a clearly defined system for moving exams around to assign examiners, maintaining examination platforms, giving checkers specified scoring schedules and designs, and concluding results in accordance with clearly established norms and regulations.

FAQs About 9th Class Result

Is the 9th class result announced in 2022?

The 9th Result 2022 for the entire BISE Punjab Board will be released today, September 19, at 10:00 AM.

How can I check my Bise result?

Now, students may quickly verify where their results stand by sending a single SMS to the appropriate board. They will receive a message answer with their comprehensive result.

What are the total marks for the 9th class?

550 points overall from 9 classes.

What are the passing marks out of 75?

If the minimum passing mark is 35%, you must receive at least 26.25 out of a possible 75 points to pass. Since 35% of 75 = 26.25, you must receive at least 26.25 out of 75 points to pass.

What are passing marks out of 50?

When the exam has 50 marks, the same percentage will be necessary. Since the exam has a 50-point maximum, the minimal passing score is 20.

What are the passing marks out of 60?

The passing score for a theory paper is 26 out of 80; students must receive 23 out of 70; they must receive 19 out of 60 to pass the test.

What is Bise in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, primary and secondary schools as well as institutions are governed by Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education. Exams for these classes are also given by each BISE. Major districts have boards in every province.

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