6 Spots for a Mani/Pedi in Charlotte According to What You Want

6 Spots for a Mani/Pedi in Charlotte

If you get your nails done on a regular basis, chances are you have strong beliefs about which salon is the best in town. However, your favorite hangout may not always provide exactly what you’re looking for.

My favorite nail parlor, for example, is teeny-tiny and always full. So I need a backup if I’m in a hurry and need to get in and out quickly. For various scenarios, here are six Charlotte nail salon recommendations.

1. I want to go to happy hour but also get my nails done at the same time.

SouthPark is a cachet. A complimentary glass of wine (or several) is standard practice at nail salons, but Cachet takes it a step further with a full bar and specialty cocktails at its SouthPark location.

Address: 4620 Piedmont Row, Suite 160, Charlotte NC 28210
Cost for a standard mani/Pedi: $17 standard manicure, $27 standard pedicure
Can I tip on a card? No, cash only

2. I want hospital-grade sterilization.

The Foot & Body Boutique is a place where you may get your feet washed and This manicure shop is obsessed with doctor-approved cleanliness, thanks to a team of podiatrists from Carmel Foot Specialists. Autoclave sterilization, one-way plumbing in the chairs to eliminate recycled water from another client (gross), and individualized client-specific files and brushes are all part of this.

Address: 717 South Torrence Street, Charlotte NC 28204
Standard mani/Pedi pricing: $25 express manicure, $40 express pedicure

3. I want a manly pedicure in a man cave.

Men’s Nail Care Services by AlphaMale. To be clear, guys are free to get their nails done anywhere they wish, including all of the other locations on this list. AlphaMale, on the other hand, is the place to be if you prefer a men-only environment.

Address: 116 W. 4th Street, Charlotte NC 28281
Standard mani/Pedi pricing: $20 express manicure, $35 express pedicure
Can I tip on a card? Yes.

4. I want all organic everything.

J’adore Nail Boutique is a nail salon that I enjoy. Organic polish remover, organic lavender buds and rose petals, organic lotion, and organic coconut oil are included in all of their basic services. The J’Adore full organic service ($64 manicure, $76 pedicure) includes an aromatherapy sea salt bath soak, organic raw sugar scrub, organic moisturizing mask, and 15-minute hot stone massage with an organic lotion and coconut oil, and a paraffin wax dip.

Address: 220 North Pine Street, Charlotte NC 28202
Standard mani/Pedi pricing: $22 De-base manicure, $34 De-base pedicure
Can I tip on a card? Yes.

5. I want something cheap and fast.

Polished. With multiple locations and a large number of chairs, Polished’s wait times are usually minimal to non-existent.

Address: 5 Charlotte-area locations
Standard mani/Pedi pricing: $15 basic manicure, $25 basic pedicure
Can I tip on a card? No, cash only.

6. I just want to escape the office — but not for too long.

The Small Print. If you work in Uptown, this beauty bar located within Duke Energy Center focuses on getting busy workers “in, out, and on the go.” What’s the best part? For last-minute scheduling, you can book appointments online and check day-of availability.

Address: Duke Energy Center, 550 South Tryon Street, Charlotte NC 28202
Standard mani/Pedi pricing: $20 standard manicure, $30 standard pedicure
Can I tip on a card? Yes, but cash is preferred.

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