10 Most beautiful places in Pakistan

10 most beautiful places in Pakistan include Badshahi Mosque, Neelum Valley, Attabd Lake and Khagan Valley.

It’s difficult to think of a more beautiful landscape than Pakistan’s rocky peaks, undiscovered settlements, and windswept plains. Here are 20 of Pakistan’s most stunning locations, from untamed mountain passes and surreal lakes to elaborate mosques and historic forts.

Even if the media in the West would try to convince you otherwise, Pakistan is a very beautiful nation. Consider renowned mountain peaks, turquoise-blue and emerald-green valleys, and deserts dotted with the remains of former civilizations. And that’s only the beginning.

There is no doubt that Pakistan has many stunning locations to explore.

10 Most beautiful places in Pakistan

Without further ado, here are the top 20 locations to see in Pakistan, a nation that immediately and ferociously won my heart.


The present and future of Swat Valley are incredibly bright, despite its difficult background. This breathtaking valley in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province looks like it belongs in a fairytale.

Imagine lush green fields and forests, charming towns, and rivers with shades of blue so pure and vivid that you wouldn’t have believed they were real!

The area around Kalam, which serves as a base to explore the grandeur of the valley, is where you may find Swat’s true beauty. Here are 3 locations in Swat Valley that you must visit:

Boyun Village

Boyun, also known as Green Top, is close to Kalam town and may be reached by car or a short uphill hike. Once you’ve reached the top, you’ll be rewarded with panoramic views of one of the largest and most gorgeous villages I’ve ever seen, as well as the valley below. From Kalam, a day excursion to Boyun is simple.

Kandol and Spindhor Lakes

Two hours drive separate Kalam from these alpine lakes. Kandol Lake is now more commercialized and reachable by jeep track, whereas Spindhor can only be reached by a 2-hour hike. Whichever location you decide to visit, it is without a doubt among Pakistan’s most picturesque locations.

Ushu Forest

Deodar trees abound in this lush, well-kept forest, which is a great location to get lost. The highway that enters the woodland continues to a number of settlements along the Kalam River.


It’s practically a given that you’ve heard of Hunza if you’re a Pakistani or have read anything about the nation. Hunza is a sizable region made up of multiple valleys and communities, so don’t let the word “valley” fool you. Here are some of Hunza’s most stunning attractions, which are all located along the ancient Silk Road:

Passu Cones

A natural masterpiece and one of Pakistan’s most recognizable sights is the Passu Cathedral. Even though it is no longer permitted to spend the night in Passu village, the cones can still be seen from a distance, beginning in the settlement of Gulmit. About an hour’s drive from Gilgit City on the Karakoram Highway is where you may get the best view of the Cathedral.

Attabad Lake

A lake that appears unreal… even if you are directly in front of it. Attabad was created as a result of tragedy after a significant landslide in 2010. The famous lake was created as a result of the Hunza River’s flow being halted. It is one of Pakistan’s most picturesque locations thanks to its turquoise waters with a vivid blue hue.

Eagle’s Nest

Want to witness one of the Hunza Valley’s most spectacular sunsets? Go to Eagle’s Nest during prime time! The nearby premium hotel/restaurant where the term originated is where you may get to the overlook by driving up.


I believe that Yarkhun Valley was the most beautiful destination I visited in Pakistan, despite the fact that it is comparatively unknown and neglected in comparison to the country’s most well-known tourist attractions. Yarkhun, which is in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Upper Chitral region, is stunning due to its mountain ranges and undeveloped villages.

If you don’t have a car, it takes some work to get to the valley, which extends for miles past the administrative town of Mastuj. But if you do, the ride isn’t that hard; just be ready for a lot of dirt roads!

If you make it all the way to Yarkhun, the side valley of Gazin is most definitely worthwhile a detour. The mountains of the Thoi Pass, a high-altitude pass linking Gilgit Baltistan’s Yasin Valley and Upper Chitral, are visible from this location.


10 Most beautiful places in Pakistan

Nearly too good to be true is Phander Lake, which is situated in Phander Village. The light-green trees and turquoise lake look like they belong in a landscape painting.

Phander Lake is incredibly lovely, although it doesn’t get nearly as many visitors as the more well-known Attabad Lake.


10 Most beautiful places in Pakistan

Broghil Valley, which is in the far north of Afghanistan and is near the Wakhan Corridor, was formerly only accessible by foot or horseback. Even though the formerly secret location can now only be reached by a perilous jeep road. It still only draws a small number of tourists during the few months when it is not covered in snow.

At the moment, it is unclear whether or not foreigners are permitted to visit Broghil. (If you’re adamant, be sure to inquire first with the Chitral Deputy Commissioner’s Office before making the trip up there.) Please visit this beauty, Pakistanis! A stunning mountainous backdrop that rises above 13,000 feet frames the valley, which is home to a number of high-altitude lakes, yaks, and vast green grasslands.

Furthermore, you may reach Karambar Lake, one of the highest in the globe, after a day’s hike from Lashkargaz, the final settlement in Broghil!

6. Lahore: 10 Most beautiful places in Pakistan

10 Most beautiful places in Pakistan

A city? What city? Yes, Lahore is a metropolis, but it is also one of Pakistan’s most picturesque tourist destinations thanks to its wealth of ancient sites. Many of the Mughals’ masterpieces can still be seen in Lahore, which was their capital city.

There are many excellent spots to visit in Lahore if you’re wondering what the top ones are.

The Wazir Khan Mosque, the Badshahi Mosque, and of course the Lahore Fort are the most well-known of the city’s landmarks. The cultural center of Pakistan is made up of countless numbers of exquisitely kept graves, bustling shrines, and Havelis upon Havelis.


10 Most beautiful places in Pakistan

Though technically located in Pakistan, Hingol National Park appears to be on Mars. The park, which spans an area of more than 6,000 square kilometers, is home to countless animal species, enormous canyons, and even a mud volcano.

Additionally, a portion of the national park follows the coast, bringing the ocean to all of its other advantages. Hingol, Pakistan’s most populous city, is barely 3.5 hours away despite having an absolutely alien appearance.

Pakistanis shouldn’t have any issues visiting the park, but visitors’ experiences have been inconsistent. Others were only allowed day authorization, while others who were accompanied by locals were permitted to stay overnight or over the weekend in the park. Having access to your own transportation is essential because there is no public transportation that goes to the park.

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8. KALASH VALLEYS: 10 Most beautiful places in Pakistan

10 Most beautiful places in Pakistan

The Kalash people are a religious and ethnic group in Pakistan with their own beliefs, culture, and language. They live in the Kalash Valleys, which are made up of Bumboret, Rumbur, and Birir. The valleys they inhabit are undoubtedly some of Pakistan’s most breathtaking landscapes, both for their natural beauty and the beauty of the Kalash people that inhabit them.

Particularly beautiful is Rumbur Valley. Alongside the Kalash River, miles of rocky road and mountains rattle. The wooden huts of the Kalash people cling to the steep hills. And the ladies are especially well-known for their vibrant traditional attire, which is unlike anything else in Pakistan.

Today, getting out to one of the valleys is fairly simple because Chitral City is only 2.5 hours away. Take a day to hike all the way into the valley if you do decide to go to Rumbur. Sheikhandeh, the final Rumbur town, was once a Nuristani village whose residents relocated to Pakistan a couple of hundred years ago.


10 Most beautiful places in Pakistan

Deosai is frequently referred to as the world’s roof. And it sort of is. The enormous plateau, which is the second-highest on Earth at 4,117 meters (13,497 feet), is only actually accessible in the summer.

Visitors who travel to this stunning location are greeted by sprawling emerald meadows, snow-capped hills, and sparkling blue lakes. Watch out for them if you’re camping; the Himalayan Brown Bear calls Deosai home and has been seen by numerous tourists.

For foreign visitors, the park charges 1,000 rupees, while Pakistanis must pay 40 rupees.

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10. GORAKH HILLS: 10 Most beautiful places in Pakistan

10 Most beautiful places in Pakistan

Mountains in the desert Certainly raised as a part of the Kirthar Mountains, the Gorakh Hill Station is situated in Sindh. The highest point of the hills, at 1,734 meters (5,689 feet), offers some of Southern Pakistan’s most breathtaking panoramas. This location is ideal for a weekend camping vacation.

Dadu is a better site to start your adventure than Karachi because it is only 2 to 3 hours from Gorakh Hills but takes around 8 hours to get there. There is no public transportation, however for those who don’t want to set up a tent, there are a few rest houses.

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